I. Ye gay deceivers of the mind,
Ye dreams of happiness, adieu;
No more your soft enchantments bind,
This heart was never made for you.

II. The brightest joy your smile can boast,
Is but a moment’s glitt’ring light;
It sparkles now, and now ’tis lost,
Extinguish’d in the shades of night.

III. Begone, with all your soothing charms;
Pleasure on earth!—O empty name!
Superior joy my bosom warms,
And heav’n approves the sacred flame.

IV. To perfect bliss my soul aspires,
That shines with never-fading ray;
No less can satiate my desires,
Than full delight, and endless day.

V. Blest be the kind, the gracious pow’r,
That gently call’d and bade me rise;
And taught my nobler thoughts to soar
To happiness beyond the skies.

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Blessy Christlin


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