Long and mournful is the night,
Mental night of gloomy fear:
Source of comfort, source of light
When, O when wilt thou appear!
Thy beams alone can bid the gloom depart,
And spread celestial morning o’er my heart.

Morning of that glorious day
Which the blest enjoy above,
Where with full unclouded ray
Shines thy everlasting love:
Where joy triumphant fills the bright abode,
O happy world! fair paradise of God!

Thither if the heart aspire,
Shall it, Lord, aspire in vain?
Shall the breathings of desire
Rise with unavailing pain?
O thou my guide, my solace, and my rest,
In this sad desert shall I rove unblest?

Sure the Lord of life is near
Though a cloud his face conceal:
Jesus, when wilt thou appear,
When thy cheering beams reveal?
When shall thy beams of soul-reviving light
Dispel this gloomy cloud this mental night?

Not in vain aspires the heart
That depends on thee alone;
Light and joy thou wilt impart,
Radiant dawn of bliss unknown.
Here let me wait beneath thy guardian wing
Till from thy smile celestial morning spring.

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Blessy Christlin


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