I. God is my sun, his blissful rays
Irradiate, warm, and guide my heart!
How dark, how mournful, are my days,
If his enliv’ning beams depart!

II. Scarce through the shades, a glimpse of day
Appears to these desiring eyes;
But shall my drooping spirit say,
The chearful morn will never rise?

III. O let me not despairing mourn,
Though gloomy darkness spreads the sky;
My glorious sun will yet return,
And night with all its horrors fly.

IV. Hope, in the absence of my Lord,
Shall be my taper; sacred light,
Kindled at his celestial word,
To cheer the melancholy night!

V. O for the bright the joyful day,
When hope shall in assurance die!
So tapers lose their feeble ray,
Beneath the sun’s refulgent eye.

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Blessy Christlin


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