1 Come, Lord, and warm each languid heart,
Inspire each lifeless tongue;
And let the joys of heaven impart
Their influence to our song.

2 Sorrow, and pain, and ev’ry care,
And discord there shall cease;
And perfect joy and love sincere
Adorn the realms of peace.

3 The soul, from sin forever free,
Shall mourn its power no more;
But, clothed in spotless purity,
Redeeming love adore.

4 There on a throne, how dazzling bright
Th’exalted Saviour shines,
And beams ineffable delight
On all the heavenly minds.

5 There shall the foll’wers of the Lamb
Join in immortal songs,
And endless honors to His name
Employ their tuneful tongues.

6 Lord, tune our hearts to praise and love,
Our feeble notes inspire;
Till, in Thy blissful courts above,
We join th’angelic choir.

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Blessy Christlin


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