I. In vain, the world’s alluring smile
Would my unwary heart beguile:
Deluding world! its brightest day,
Dream of a moment, fleets away!

II. Earth’s highest pleasures, could they last,
Would pall and languish on the taste;
Such airy chaff was ne’er design’d
To feed th’immortal, craving mind.

III. To nobler bliss my soul aspires,
Come, Lord, and fill these vast desires;
Be thou my portion, here I rest,
Since of my utmost wish possest.

IV. O let thy sacred word impart
Its sealing influence to my heart;
With pow’r, and light, and love divine,
Assure my soul that thou art mine.

V. The blissful word, with joy replete,
Shall bid my gloomy fears retreat,
And heav’n-born hope, serenely bright,
Shine chearful thro’ this mortal night.

VI. Then shall my joyful spirit rise
On wings of faith above the skies;
And when these transient scenes are o’er,
And this vain world shall tempt no more:

VII. O may I reach the blissful plains,
Where thy unclouded glory reigns,
And dwell forever near thy throne
In joys to mortal thought unknown.

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Blessy Christlin


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