I. My God, whene’er my longing heart
The praiseful tribute would impart,
In vain my tongue with feeble aim,
Attempts the glories of thy name.

II. In vain my boldest thoughts arise,
I sink to earth and lose the skies;
Yet I may still thy grace implore,
And low in dust thy name adore.

III. O let thy grace my heart inspire,
And raise each languid, weak desire;
Thy grace, which condescends to meet
The sinner prostrate at thy feet.

IV. With humble fear let love unite,
And mix devotion with delight;
Then shall thy name be all my joy,
Thy praise, my constant blest employ.

V. Thy name inspires the harps above
With harmony, and praise, and love;
That grace which tunes th’immortal strings,
Looks kindly down on mortal things.

VI. O let thy grace guide ev’ry song,
And fill my heart and tune my tongue;
Then shall the strain harmonious flow,
And heav’ns sweet work begin below.

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Blessy Christlin


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