Jesus, what shall I do to show
How much I love thy glorious name?
Let my whole heart with rapture glow
Thy boundless goodness to proclaim.

Yes, dearest Lord, my heart is thine,
Sacred to thee be all its powers!
O bid me give to love divine
The little remnant of my hours!

Thou narrow heart, ye fleeting hours,
How mean the tribute you can raise!
The grace my thankful soul adores,
Claims an eternity of praise!

Lord, if a distant glimpse of thee
Can give such sweet, such rich delight;
What must their joy, their transport be
Who dwell for ever in thy sight?

To that bright world my heart aspires,
Where all the glories of thy face
Unveil’d, shall fill the soul’s desires,
And tune the song to boundless grace!

O teach my heart, my life, my voice
To celebrate thy wonderous love!
Fulfill my hopes, compleat my joys,
And bid me join the songs above.

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Blessy Christlin


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