I. O could we read our int’rest here,
Jesus, in these dear words of thine,
A heav’n of pleasure would appear,
A blissful view of joys divine.

II. Dear Saviour, let thy boundless grace
Remove our guilt, our fears remove;
Then shall our thoughts with rapture trace
The radiant mansions of thy love.

III. There shall our hearts no more complain,
Nor sin prevail, nor grace decay;
But perfect joy forever reign,
One glorious, undeclining day.

IV. No darkness there shall cloud our sight;
These now dejected feeble eyes,
Shall gaze, with infinite delight,
On the full glories of the skies.

V. There shall we see thy lovely face,
And chang’d to purity divine,
Partake the splendors of the place,
And in thy glorious likeness shine.

VI. Yes, dearest Lord, to dwell with thee,
Thy praise our endless, sweet employ,
Must be immense felicity,
A full infinitude of joy!

VII. O let thy spirit now impart,
The kind assurance of thy love,
With sealing pow’r to ev’ry heart,
Sweet earnest of the joys above.

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Blessy Christlin


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