1 When death appears before my sight
In all his dire array,
Unequal to the dreadful sight,
My courage dies away.

2 But see my glorious Leader nigh!
My Lord, my Savior lives:
Before him death’s pale terrors fly,
And my faint heart revives.

3 he left his dazzling throne above,
He met the tyrant’s dart,
And (O amazing power of love!)
Received it in his heart.

4 No more, O grim destroyer, boast
Thy universal sway;
To heaven-born souls thy sting is lost,
Thy night is turned to day.

5 Lord, I commit my soul to thee,
Accept the sacred trust,
Receive this nobler part of me,
And watch my sleeping dust:

6 ‘Till that illustrious morning come,
when all thy saints shall rise,
And, clothed in full immortal bloom,
Attend thee to the skies.

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Blessy Christlin


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