Alas! my heart where is thy absent God,
Arise and search, nor languish hopeless here,
See o’er creation’s frame diffus’d abroad,
His power, his wisdom and his love appear!

But chiefly of his sacred word enquire,
There faith and hope diviner glories trace,
Seek with the ardor of sincere desire,
For nature’s father is the God of grace.

His sacred word invites me to his feet,
Reveals forgiveness rich and full and free,
The voice of mercy, how divinely sweet!
O be the heavenly accents spoke to me!

God of my life, thy radiant face reveal!
For thou art near though clouds obstruct my sighs
Thy voice divine can every cloud dispel,
O speak and give me comfort, give me light!

Thy word permits, commands to seek thy face,
Nor shall the humble mourner seek in vain:
Thou wilt reward the search, thy word of grace
Inviolate for ever must remain.

Thy word of grace—rich treasure of delight!
(O let my soul recall her comforts past)
Not morn’s fair dawn is dearer to the sight!
Nor honey sweeter to the longing taste.

And shall those heavenly sweets no more be mine?
Return ye, blissful moments to my heart!
Dispel the cloud, O God of mercy, shine,
And life and peace and happiness impart!

Added by

Blessy Christlin


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