I. How pleasing is the scene, how sweet!
When kindred souls in friendship join;
Whose joys and cares united meet,
In bands of amity divine.

II. Less fragrant was the ointment pour’d
On Aaron’s consecrated head,
When balmy sweets profusely shower’d,
Down to his sacred vesture spread.

III. Not flow’ry Hermon e’er display’d,
(Impearl’d with dew,) a fairer sight;
Nor Sion’s beauteous hills, array’d
In golden beams of morning light.

IV. ‘Tis here the Lord indulgent sheds
His kindest gifts, a heav’nly store;
With life immortal crowns their heads,
When earth’s frail comforts please no more.

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Blessy Christlin


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