1 Glory to God! who reigns above,
Who dwells in light, whose name is love
Ye saints and angels, if ye can,
Declare the love of God to man.

2 O what can more his love commend,
His dear, his only Son to send!
That man, condemn’d to die, might live,
And God be glorious to forgive!

3 Messiah’s come–with joy behold
The days by prophets long foretold:
Judah, thy royal sceptre’s broke;
And time still proves what Jacob spoke.

4 Daniel, thy weeks are all expir’d,–
The time prophetic seals requir’d;
Cut off for sins, but not his own,
Thy Prince, Messiah, did atone.

5 We see the prophecies fulfill’d
In Jesus, that most wondrous child:
His birth, his life, his death, combine
To prove his character divine.

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Blessy Christlin


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