I. Vexatious world, thy flatt’ring snares
Too long have held my easy heart;
And shalt thou still engross my cares?
Vain world, depart.

II. I want delights thou canst not give,
Thy joys are bitterness and woe;
My pining spirit cannot live
On ought below.

III. Enchanting prospects court the eye,
And gay alluring pleasures smile;
But in the fond pursuit they die:
Ah fruitless toil!

IV. But grief, substantial grief is here,
As gloomy as Egyptian night;
When will the smiling dawn appear
Of true delight?

V. How oft convinc’d shall I complain
That happiness cannot be found?
Yet sighing, mourning, still in vain,
Cleave to the ground.

VI. Look, Sov’reign Goodness, from the skies,
Look down with gently-pitying eye;
O bid my fainting spirit rise:
To thee I sigh.

VII. With beams of sweet celestial light,
Dispel the dark oppressive gloom;
Display the mansions of delight,
And bid me come.

VIII. Those shining realms of endless day
Could I one happy moment view,
Then should my soul with transport say,
Vain world, adieu.

Added by

Blessy Christlin


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