I. O Lord, my strength, my righteousness
Attend my humble pray’r;
Oft thou hast heard me in distress,
Renew thy ancient care.

II. How long shall scoffers turn with lies
My glory into shame?
Ah cease these envious vanities,
Nor wound my injur’d name.

III. For know, the man of upright heart,
As his peculiar care,
The Lord himself has set apart,
And when I call will hear.

IV. With trembling awe your heart survey,
And ev’ry sin repent;
Let true contrition close the day,
And future guilt prevent.

V. The sacrifice the Lord will own,
If thus you seek his face,
Thus humbly bow before his throne,
And trust his pard’ning grace.

VI. Vain is the toilsome search of good
In all things here below;
Thy smile alone, my gracious God,
Can real bliss bestow.

VII. Thy smile, whence all my comfort springs,
With gladness fills my heart;
No joy increasing affluence brings,
Such pleasures can impart.

VIII. My days by thy kind presence blest,
From thee my safety flows;
Thy favour guards my nightly rest,
And gives me sweet repose.

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Blessy Christlin


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