I. Great King of kings, eternal God,
Shall mortal creatures dare to raise
Their songs to thy supreme abode,
And join with angels in thy praise?

II. The brightest Seraph veils his face;
And low before thy dazling throne,
With prostrate homage all confess
Thou art the infinite unknown.

III. Man, ah how far remov’d below,
Wrapt in the shades of gloomy night:
His brightest day can only show
A few faint streaks of distant light.

IV. But see, the bright, the morning-star!
His beams shall chase the shades away;
His beams, resplendent from afar,
Sweet promise of immortal day!

V. To him, our longing eyes we raise,
Our guide to thee, the great unknown,
Thro’ him, O may our humble praise
Accepted rise before thy throne.

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Blessy Christlin


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