I. Engaging argument! here let me rest
With humble confidence and faith intire:
What, less than this, can calm my troubled breast?
What more can my distrustful heart desire?

II. Encouraged by so full, so sweet a word,
Fain would my soul forbid intruding fears:
To thee, almighty Father, gracious Lord!
Fain would I bring my load of anxious cares.

III. But can a vile, a guilty creature dare
Aspire to hope for favours so divine?
Aspire to claim an int’rest in thy care,
Or boldly call the glorious blessing mine?

IV. O let thy spirit’s sacred influence seal
The kind assurance to my doubting soul,
Thy pard’ning love, thy tender care reveal;
The blissful view shall all my fears controul.

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Blessy Christlin


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