I. Dear center of my best desires,
And sov’reign of my heart,
What sweet delight thy name inspires!
What bliss thy smiles impart!

II. Jesus—O loveliest, dearest name!
And wilt thou condescend
To own the bold, yet humble claim,
My everlasting friend?

III. Too oft, alas, my passions rove,
In search of meaner charms;
Trifles unworthy of my love
Divide me from thy arms.

IV. Ye teazing vanities depart,
I seek my absent Lord;
No balm to ease my aking heart,
Can all your joys afford.

V. Come, dearest Lord, with pow’r divine,
And drive thy foes away;
O be my heart, my passions thine,
And never, never stray.

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Blessy Christlin


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