1 Lord, how shall wretched sinners dare
Look up to thy divine abode:
Or offer their imperfect prayer,
Before a just, a holy God.

2 Bright terrors guard thy awful seat,
And dazling glories veil thy face:
Yet mercy calls us to thy feet,
Thy throne is still a throne of grace.

3 O may our souls thy grace adore,
May Jesus plead our humble claim;
While thy protection we implore,
In his prevailing, glorious name.

4 Let past experience of thy care,
Support our hope, our trust invite;
Again attend our humble prayer,
Again be thy mercy thy delight.

5 Our arms succeed our councils guide,
Let thy right hand our cause maintain
Till war’s destructive rage subside,
And peace resume her gentle reign.

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Blessy Christlin


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