I. How long wilt thou, O God of grace,
Forget thy wonted love?
How long conceal thy shining face,
Nor bid the cloud remove?

II. How long shall my dejected soul,
(Thus pond’ring o’er her woes,)
In vain endeavor to controul
The pow’r of inward foes?

III. Lord, hear my pray’r, and heal my woes,
Arise with chearing light;
Or soon these wretched eyes will close
In everlasting night.

IV. The pow’rs of darkness will rejoice
To see my life decay,
And triumph with insulting voice
Around their trembling prey.

V. But, Lord, thy mercy hitherto
Has been my only trust;
Let mercy now my joys renew,
And raise me from the dust.

VI. Then shall my heart and tongue proclaim
The bounties of my God,
My songs with grateful rapture flame,
And spread thy praise abroad.

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Blessy Christlin


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