I. Peace, my complaining, doubting heart,
Ye busy cares be still;
Adore the just, the sov’reign Lord,
Nor murmur at his will.

II. Unerring wisdom guides his hand;
Nor dares my guilty fear,
Amid the sharpest pains I feel,
Pronounce his hand severe.

III. To soften ev’ry painful stroke,
Indulgent mercy bends;
And unrepining when I plead,
His gracious ear attends.

IV. Let me reflect with humble awe
Whene’er my heart complains,
Compar’d with what my sins deserve,
How easy are my pains!

V. Yes Lord, I own thy sov’reign hand,
thou just, and wise, and kind;
Be ev’ry anxious thought supprest,
And all my soul resign’d.

VI. But oh! indulge this only wish,
This boon I must implore;
Assure my soul, that thou art mine,
My God, I ask no more.

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Blessy Christlin


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