1 The trav’ller, lost in night,
Breathes many a longing sigh,
And marks the welcome dawn of light
With rapture in his eye.

2 Thus sweet the dawn of day
Lost weary sinners find,
When mercy with reviving ray
Beams o’er the fainting mind.

3 To slaves oppress with chains,
How kind, how dear the friend,
Whose gen’rous hand relieves their pains,
And bids their sorrows end!

4 Thus dear that friend divine,
Who rescues captive souls,
Unbinds the galling chains of sin,
And all its pow’r controls.

5 My God! to gospel light
My dawn of hope I owe;
Once, wand’ring in the shades of night,
And sunk in hopeless woe.

6 Thy hand redeem’d the slave,
And set the pris’ner free.
Be all I am, and all I have,
Devoted, Lord, to thee!

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Blessy Christlin


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