I. When fainting in the sultry waste,
And parch’d with thirst extream,
The weary pilgrim longs to taste
The cool, refreshing stream;

II. Should, sudden, to his hopeless eye
A crystal spring appear,
How would th’ enliv’ning sweet supply
His drooping spirits cheer!

III. So longs the weary fainting mind,
Oppress’d with sins and woes,
Some soul-reviving spring to find,
Whence heav’nly comfort flows.

IV. Thus sweet the consolations are,
The promises impart;
Here flowing streams of life appear,
To ease the panting heart.

V. O may I thirst for thee, my God,
With ardent, strong desire;
And still through all this desert road,
To taste thy grace aspire.

VI. Then shall my prayer to thee ascend,
A grateful sacrifice;
My plaintive voice thou wilt attend,
And grant me full supplies.

Added by

Blessy Christlin


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