The loving kindness of the Lord,
(Delightful theme!) demands my lays:
Thou, worthy to be lov’d, ador’d,
O teach my heart to sing thy praise!

In vain my heart with pleasure tries,
My God, to count thy mercies o’er;
So numerous and so bright they rise,
I gaze, I wonder, I adore!

Yet, all the powers I have are thine,
For thee, those powers I would employ;
And dedicate to love divine,
With humble gratitude and joy.

The sweet experience of thy grace
Which animates my voice to sing;
Incites my soul to seek thy face,
And trust the shelter of thy wing.

Thy guardian wing alone can bless;
I find repose and safety there;
The kindest refuge of distress
A sure relief in every care.

O let the wretched sons of woe
To thee apply, on thee depend:
And bid the drooping mourners know
In thee a never-failing friend.

Could e’er one soul in deep distress
That fled to thee for refuge say,
“Indulgent mercy would not bless,
and justice frown’d my hopes away?”

Ah no, a thousand thousand tongues
Thy love and truth, adoring own,
And offer their united songs
With grateful joy before thy throne.

Not e’en those happy minds can trace,
With all their powers renew’d, refin’d,
The boundless glories of thy grace,
O thou omnipotently kind!

Ah how shall these poor languid powers
With frail mortality opprest,
Display the grace my soul adored?
How speak the transports of the blest?

Dear Lord, accept my heart’s desire,
Till death shall close these mortal days!
Then bid me join the heavenly choir,
And sing thy everlasting praise!

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Blessy Christlin


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