1 When present suff’rings pain my heart,
Or future terrors rise,
And life and hope almost depart
From these dejected eyes:

2 Thy pow’rful word supports my hope,
Sweet cordial of the mind!
And bears my fainting spirit up,
And bids me wait resign’d.

3 And og! whate’re of earthly bliss
Thy providence denies,
Accepted at thy throne of grace
Let this petition rise:

4 Give me a calm, a thankful heart,
From ev’ry murmur free;
The blessings of thy grace impart,
And let me live to thee.

5 Let the sweet hope, that I am thine,
My path of life attend;
Thy presence through my journey shine,
And crown my journey’s end!

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Blessy Christlin


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