I. Hear, O my God, with pity hear
My humble supplicating moan;
In mercy answer all my pray’r,
And make thy truth and goodness known.

II. And O let mercy still be nigh;
Should awful justice frown severe,
Before the terrors of thy eye,
What trembling mortal can appear?

III. My persecuting foes prevail,
Almost I yield my struggling breath;
The chearful rays of comfort fail,
And sink me to the shades of death.

IV. While thus oppressive sorrows flow,
Unintermitting o’er my head;
My inmost pow’rs are whelm’d in woe,
And all my hopes and joys are fled.

V. I call to mind the former days;
Thy ancient works declare thy name,
Thy truth, thy goodness, and thy grace;
And these, O Lord, are still the same.

VI. To thee, I stretch my suppliant hands,
To thee my longing soul aspires;
As chearing show’rs to thirsty lands,
Come, Lord, and fill these strong desires.

VII. Come, Lord, on wings of mercy fly,
My spirit fails at thy delay;
Hide not thy face; I faint, I die,
Without thy blissful healing ray.

VIII. Speak to my heart; the gloomy night
Shall vanish, and sweet morning break;
In thee I trust, my guide, my light;
Teach me the way my feet should take.

IX. My soul’s desires ascend to thee,
O save me from my num’rous foes;
To thy kind-guardian wing I flee,
For safe defence and sweet repose.

X. Teach me to do thy sacred will;
Thou art my God, my hope, my stay;
Let thy good spirit lead me still,
And point the safe, the upright way.

XI. Thy name, thy righteousness I plead,
O Lord, revive my drooping heart;
Let these distressing fears recede,
And bid my troubles all depart.

XII. Those unrelenting foes destroy,
Which thus against my peace combine;
Then shall thy service be my joy,
And all my active pow’rs be thine.

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Blessy Christlin


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