1 Those happy realms of joy and peace,
Fain would my heart explore,
Where grief and pain for ever cease,
And I shall sin no more.

2 No darkness there shall cloud the eyes,
No langour seize the frame;
But ever active vigour rise
To feed the vital flame.

3 But ah! a dreary vale between,
Extends its awful gloom:
Fear spreads, to hide the distant scene,
The horrors of the tomb.

4 O for the eye of faith divine,
To pierce beyond the grave!
To see that friend, and call him mine,
Whose arm is strong to save!

5 Here fix! my soul! for life is here;
Light breaks amid the gloom.
Trust in Jehovah’s love, nor fear
The horrors of the tomb.

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Blessy Christlin


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