1 In vain my roving thoughts would find
A portion worthy of the mind:
On earth my soul can never rest,
For earth can never make me blest.

2 Can lasting happiness be found,
Where seasons roll their hasty round,
And days and hours with rapid flight
Sweep cares and pleasures out of sight?

3 Arise, my thoughts! my heart arise!
Leave this vain world, and seek the skies:
There joys for everyone shall last,
When seasons, days, and hours are past.

4 Thy mercy, Lord, to me impart:
O raise my thoughtless, wand’ring, heart
To pleasures perfect and sublime,
Unmeasur’d by the wings of time.

5 Let those bright worlds of endless joy
My thoughts, my hopes, my cares employ.
No more, ye restless passions, roam:
God is my bliss, and heav’n my home.

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Blessy Christlin


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