1 When Israel through the desert passed,
A fiery pillar went before
To guide them through the dreary waste
And lessen the fatigue they bore.

2 Such is Thy glorious Word, O God!
‘Tis for our light and guidance giv’n;
It sheds its luster all abroad
And points the path to bliss and heav’n.

3 It fills the soul with sweet delight
The heart with living faith empow’rs;
It sets our wand’ring footsteps right,
Displays Thy love, and kindles ours.

4 Its promises rejoice our hearts,
Its doctrines are divinely true;
While highest wisdom it imparts,
It comforts and instructs us too.

5 Ye favored lands that have this Word,
Ye saints who feel its saving power,
Unite your tongues to praise the Lord
And His distinguished grace adore!

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Blessy Christlin


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