I. Death! ’tis a name with terror fraught;
It rends the guilty heart,
When conscience wakes remorseful thought,
With agonizing smart.

II. ‘Tis guilt alone provokes that frown
Which all the soul alarms;
Gives terror to the monarch’s crown,
And conquest to his arms!

III. Dear Saviour, thy victorious love
Can all his force controul,
Can bid the pangs of guilt remove,
And chear the trembling soul.

IV. Victorious love! thy wond’rous pow’r
From sin and death can raise;
Can gild the dark departing hour,
And tune its groans to praise.

V. Then shall the joyful spirit soar
To life beyond the skies,
Where gloomy death can frown no more,
And guilt and terror dies.

VI. No more, O pale destroyer, boast
Thy universal sway;
To heav’n-born souls thy sting is lost,
Thy night, the gates of day.

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Blessy Christlin


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