1 Come heav’nly Love, inspire my Song,
With thy immortal Flame;
And teach my Heart, to teach my Tongue,
The Saviour’s lovely Name.

2 The Saviour! O what endless Charms
Dwell in the blissful Sound!
Its Influence ev’ry Fear disarms,
And spreads sweet Comfort round.

3 Here pardon, Life, and Joys divine
In rich Effusion flow,
For guilty Rebels lost in Sin,
And doom’d to endless Woe.

4 God’s only Son, (stupendous Grace!)
Forsook his Throne above;
And swift to save our wretched Race,
He flew on Wings of Love.

5 Th’ Almighty former of the Skies
Stoop’d to our vile Abode;
While Angels view’d with wond’ring Eyes,
And hail’d th’ incarnate God.

6 O the rich Depths of Love divine!
Of bliss, a boundless Store:
Dear Saviour, let me call thee mine,
I cannot wish for more.

7 On thee alone my Hope relies,
Beneath thy Cross I fall.
My Lord, my Life, my Sacrifice,
My Saviour, and my all.

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Blessy Christlin


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