I. When sin and sorrow, fear and pain,
My trembling heart dismay,
My feeble strength, alas, how vain!
It sinks and dies away.

II. My spirit asks a firmer prop,
I lean upon the Lord;
My God, the pillar of my hope,
Is thy unchanging word.

III. On this are built the brightest joys,
Celestial beings know,
And ’tis the same almighty voice
Supports the saints below.

IV. ‘Tis this upholds the rolling spheres,
And heav’ns immortal frame;
Then, O my soul, suppress thy fears,
Thy basis is the same.

V. The sacred word the solemn oath,
Forever must remain;
I trust in everlasting truth,
Nor can my trust be vain.

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Blessy Christlin


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