I. Lord of the earth, and seas, and skies,
All nature owns thy sov’reign pow’r;
At thy command the tempests rise,
At thy command the thunders roar.

II. We hear, with trembling and affright,
The voice of heav’n, (tremendous sound!)
Keen lightnings pierce the shades of night,
And spread bright horrors all around.

III. What mortal could sustain the stroke,
Should wrath divine in vengeful storms,
(Which our repeated crimes provoke,)
descend to crush rebellious worms?

IV. These dreadful glories of thy name
With terror would o’erwhelm our souls;
But mercy dawns with kinder beam,
And guilt and rising fear controuls.

V. O let thy mercy on my heart
With cheerful, healing radiance shine;
Bid ev’ry anxious fear depart,
And gently whisper, Thou art mine.

VI. Then safe beneath thy guardian care,
In hope serene my soul shall rest;
Nor storms nor dangers reach me there,
In thee, my God, my refuge, blest.

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Blessy Christlin


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