1 O for a sweet inspiring ray,
To animate our feeble strains,
From the bright realms of endless day,
The blissful realms, where Jesus reigns!

2 There low before his glorious throne,
Adoring saints and angels fall
And with delightful worship own
His smile their bliss, their heaven, their all.

3 Immortal glories crown his head,
While tuneful hallelujahs rise:
And love, and joy, and triumph spread
Through all the assemblies of the skies.

4 He smiles, and seraphs tune their songs,
To boundless rapture while they gaze;
Ten thousand thousand joyful tongues
Resound his everlasting praise.

5 There all the ransomed of the Lamb
Shall join at last the heavenly choir;
O may the joy-inspiring them,
Awake our faith, our warm desire!

6 Dear Savior, let thy Spirit seal
Our interest in that blissful place.
Till death remove this mortal veil
And we behold thy lovely face.

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Blessy Christlin


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