I. The Lord, my Saviour, is my light;
What terrors can my soul affright?
While God my strength, my life is near,
What potent arm shall make me fear?

II. When cruel foes, the sons of strife,
Came furious to devour my life;
Their vile designs at once o’erthrown,
Confess’d the pow’r that cast them down.

III. Should num’rous hosts besiege me round,
My steadfast heart no fear shall wound:
Tho’ war should rise in dread array,
God is my strength, my hope, my stay.

IV. This only boon my heart desires,
For this my ardent wish aspires,
This will I seek with restless care,
Till God attend my humble pray’r:

V. In his own house to spend my days,
My life devoted to his praise;
There would my soul his beauties trace,
And learn the wonders of his grace.

VI. When troubles rise, my guardian God
Will hide me safe in his abode!
Firm as a rock my hope shall stand,
Sustain’d by his almighty hand.

VII. Now shall my head exalted rise
Above surrounding enemies;
While my glad off’rings to the Lord,
With grateful songs, his praise record.

VIII. Thou sacred spring of all my joys,
Whene’er I raise my plaintive voice,
O let thy sov’reign mercy hear,
And answer all my humble pray’r.

IX. When thou with condescending grace
Has bid me seek thy smiling face,
My heart replied to thy kind word,
Thee will I seek, all-gracious Lord.

X. Hide not from me thy blissful ray,
Nor angry frown my hopes away;
Thy saving help has still been near,
God of my life, renew thy care.

XI. Should ev’ry earthly friend depart,
And nature leave a parent’s heart;
My God, on whom my hopes depend,
Will be my father and my friend.

XII. O teach me, Lord, thy sacred way,
Uphold my steps, nor let me stray;
While enemies and fears alarm,
Extend thy kind, thy guardian arm.

XIII. Leave not my life to impious foes,
Whose rage no sense of justice knows;
Against my innocence they rise,
And breathe out cruelty and lies.

XIV. My hope was ready to depart,
But faith sustain’d my fainting heart;
I trusted in a gracious God,
And live to spread his praise abroad.

XV. Ye humble souls, in ev’ry strait
On God with sacred courage wait;
His hand shall life and strength afford,
O wait continual on the Lord.

Added by

Blessy Christlin


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