1 O Lord, how glorious is thy name,
Through the wide earth’s extended frame1
Majestick glories form they seat,
And heaven adores beneath thy feet.

2 When all thy shining works on high
We meditate with raptur’d eye;
The silver moon, the starry train,
Which gild the fair etherial plain:

3 Lord, what is man, that he should share
Thy notice, thy indulgent care?
That man, frail child of earth, should be
The favourite of the Deity?

4 His place, thy forming hand assign’d,
But just below th’ angelick kind;
With noblest favours circled round,
And with distinguish’d honours crown’d,

5 Invested him with power and sway,
And bid the subject brutes obey;
Sovereign of all thy works below,
To him the meaner creatures bow;

6 The blessing flocks, the lowing herds,
The gliding fish, the flying birds;
All that the earth’s wide circuit yields,
Natives of air, or seas, or fields.

7 But still let man, adoring, own
That Thou, O Lord, art King alone;
And through the earth’s extended frame
Declare the glories of thy name.

Added by

Blessy Christlin


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