I. Almighty Sov’reign, gracious Lord,
How full, how firm, thy royal word!
Thy love, how condescending and how kind!
Nor can the pow’r of language more,
With all its force, with all its store,
Confirm the sacred deed, or more securely bind.

II. Sooner the mountains shall depart,
And from their firm foundations start,
Than thy eternal kindness shall remove!
Or be I shaken from thy heart,
If ever there I had a part,
If ever I possest an int’rest in thy love.

III. Yes, Lord, thy promises are clear,
Thy pow’r and faithfulness appear;
Nor can I doubt omnipotence and grace:
But ah! myself, my sins I fear,
These springs of doubt are ever near,
These gloomy clouds which rise and hide thy lovely face.

IV. O let thy mercy’s healing ray
Arise, and chase these clouds away;
Thy spirit’s witness (evidence divine!)
Beam o’er my soul with sacred light;
Then shall my joys all pure and bright,
Unclouded and serene, with pleasing lustre shine.

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Blessy Christlin


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