1 Awake, awake the sacred song
To our incarnate Lord;
Let ev’ry heart, and ev’ry tongue
Adore th’eternal word.

2 That awful word, that sov’reign pow’r,
By whom the worlds were made;
(O happy marn! illustrious hour!)
Was once in flesh array’d!

3 Then shone almighty pow’r and love
In all their glorious forms:
When Jesus left his throne above
To dwell with sinful worms.

4 To dwell with misery below,
The Saviour left the skies;
And sunk to wretchedness and woe,
That worthless man might rise.

5 Adoring angels tun’d their songs
To hail the joyful day;
With rapture then, let mortal tongues
Their grateful worship pay.

6 What glory, Lord, to thee is due!
With wonder we adore;
But could we sing as angels do,
Our highest praise were poor.

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Blessy Christlin


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