I. Life is a journey, heav’n my home,
And shall I negligently stray?
In paths of danger heedless roam,
Forget my guide, forget my way?

II. Think, O my soul, each flying hour
Thy folly chides, thy speed alarms;
And shall an insect, or a flow’r
Amuse thee with their painted charms?

III. Such are the objects earth displays,
To tempt my stay, and gain my heart!
And shall I fondly, vainly gaze?
Ye shining trifles, hence depart.

IV. O think what glorious scenes above,
In bright unbounded prospect rise!
Nor let one vagrant passion rove,
Nor leave a wish below the skies.

V. But ah! how weak my best desires,
My warmest ardours soon decay;
My fainting soul, ’till grace inspires,
Can ne’er pursue the heav’nly way.

VI. On thee I lean, all-gracious God,
O breathe new life thro’ all my pow’rs,
Teach me to keep thy sacred road,
And well improve my remnant hours.

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Blessy Christlin


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