I. Another day is past,
The hours for ever fled,
And time is bearing me in haste,
To mingle with the dead.

II. Perhaps my closing eyes
No more may hail the light,
Seal’d up, before the morning rise,
In everlasting night.

III. But I’ve a part to live,
A never dying ray,
The soul, immortal, will survive
The ruins of her clay.

IV. This mortal frame must lie
Unconscious in the tomb,
But oh! where will my spirit fly,
And what will be her doom?

V. On the tremendous brink
Of vast eternity,
Where souls with strange amazement shrink,
What will my prospect be?

VI. When the dark gulph below,
With death and horror fraught,
Reveals its scenes of endless woe—
Oh dreadful, dreadful thought!

VII. But lo! yon shining skies
Beam down a chearful ray,
And bid my drooping hopes arise
To glorious realms of day.

VIII. ‘Tis there my Saviour lives,
My Lord, my life, my light;
His blissful name my soul revives—
Adieu to death and night.

IX. He conquer’d death and hell,
And victorious love
Shall bear his ransom’d friends, to dwell
In his bright courts above.

X. Jesus! and art thou mine?
O let thy heav’nly voice
Confirm my hope with pow’r divine,
And bid my soul rejoice.

XI. Then shall my closing eyes,
Contended, sink to rest;
For if to night this body lies,
My spirit shall be blest.

Added by

Blessy Christlin


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