1 When little Samuel heard,
And knew his Maker’s voice,
So kind was every word,
It made his heart rejoice;
God spoke to him by night,
And yet no fear had he;
If I could hear what Samuel heard,
How happy I should be.

O speak, Lord,
O speak Thou today;
Thy willing servant heareth,
Thy voice I obey.

2 I know I must have heard
A whisper in my ear;
A gentle, loving voice,
That told me God was near;
His Holy Book Divine,
With promise bright I see;
To serve the Lord in early youth,
Was surely meant for me.

3 May Samuel’s God be mine,
To guide me every day;
To smile in tender love,
And hear me when I pray;
Then if with all my heart
I try to do His will,
The hand that led my early years
Will lead me onward still.

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Blessy Christlin


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