1 O, wand’rer come, this hour decide,
The path Thy heart will choose;
Say, wilt thou live for Christ alone,
O canst thou still refuse.

Decide now, decide now,
Thy Saviour is tenderly calling thee;
Decide now, decide now,
Tomorrow may never be.

2 Behold, He stands with open arms
To give thee life and light;
His word believe, His grace receive,
O come be saved tonight.

3 Decide for Him, thy dearest friend,
Why wilt thou yet delay;
What tho’ thy sins are crimson red,
He’ll wash them all away. [Refrain]

4 No other name but His can save,
Then haste His love to share;
Throw open wide thy yielding heart,
And He will enter there.

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Blessy Christlin


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