1 “Like as a father,” this is our song;
“Like as a father,” so tender and strong.
Full of compassion, God on His throne,
“Like as a father,” pities His own.

Never a moment but He is near;
Never a heart-cry but He will hear.
Matchless in goodness, God on His throne,
“Like as a father,” cares for His own.

2 “Like as a father,” strong in His arm.
He will protect all His children from harm;
Shield them from danger, keep them each hour,
Matchless in goodness, boundless in pow’r.

3 “Like as a father,” guiding in love.
On thro’ the world-maze to glory above.
Never a moment are we alone.
He, like a father, cares for His own.

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Blessy Christlin


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