1 THEY whose course on earth is o’er,
Think they of their brethren more?
They before the throne who bow,
Feel they for their brethren now?

2 We by enemies distrest,
They in paradise at rest;
We the captives, they the freed;
We and they are one indeed:

3 One in all we seek or shun,
One, because our Lord is one;
One in home and one in love;
We below, and they above.

4 They whom space on earth divides,
Mountains, rivers, ocean-tides;
Have they with each other part?
Have they fellowship in heart?

5 Each to each may be unknown,
Wide apart their lots be thrown;
Yet in sacrament and prayer
Each with other hath a share.

6 Saints departed, even thus
Hold communion still with us;
Still with us, beyond the veil,
Praising, pleading without fail.

7 So with them our hearts we raise,
Share their work and join their praise,
Rendering worship, thanks and love
To the Trinity above.

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Blessy Christlin


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