1 For thee, O dear, dear country,
Mine eyes their vigils keep;
For very love, beholding
Thy happy name, they weep;

2 The mention of thy glory
Is unction to the breast,
And medicine in sickness,
And love, and life, and rest.

3 O one, O only mansion,
O Paradise of joy!
Where tears are ever banished,
And smiles have no alloy;

4 The Cross is all thy splendor,
The Crucified thy praise;
His laud and benediction
Thy ransomed people raise. A-men.

5 Thou hast no shore, fair ocean;
Thou hast no time, bright day;
Dear fountain of refreshment
To pilgrims far away!

6 Upon the Rock of Ages
They raise thy holy tower;
Thine is the victor’s laurel,
And thine the golden dower.

7 O sweet and blessèd country,
The home of God’s elect;
O sweet and blessèd country,
That eager hearts expect!

8 Jesus, in mercy bring us,
To that dear land of rest,
Who art, with God the Father
And Spirit, ever blest.


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Blessy Christlin


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