1 The things of the earth in the earth let us lay;
The ashes with ashes, the dust with the clay:
But lift up the heart, and the eyes, and the love,
O lift up the soul to the regions above!

2 Since He, the Immortal, hath entered the gate,
So, too shall we mortals, or sooner or late:
Then stand we on Christ; let us mark Him ascend,
For His is the glory and life without end.

3 On earth with His own ones, the Giver of good,
Bestowing His blessing, a little while stood;
Now nothing can part us, nor distance, nor foes,
For lo! He is with us, and who can oppose?

4 So, Lord, we commit this our loved one to Thee,
Whose body is dead, but whose spirit is free:
We know that through grace, when our life here is o’er,
In bliss we shall be with the Lord evermore.


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Blessy Christlin


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