1. All is bright and cheerful round us;
All above is soft and blue;
Spring at last hath come and found us,
Spring and all its pleasures too.
Ev’ry flow’r is full of gladness;
Dew is bright, and buds are gay;
Earth, with all its sin and sadness,
Seems a happy place today.

2. If the flow’rs that fade so quickly,
If a day that ends in night,
If the skies that cloud so thickly
Often cover from our sight,–
If they all have so much beauty,
What must be God’s land of rest,
Where His sons that do their duty,
After many toils, are blest?

3. There are leaves that never wither;
There are flow’rs that ne’er decay;
Nothing evil goeth thither;
Nothing good is kept away,
They that came from tribulation,
Washed their robes and made them white,
Out of ev’ry tongue and nation,
Now have rest and peace and light.

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Blessy Christlin


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