1 On ev’ry sunny mountain,
In ev’ry gloomy dell,
Whate’er the robe that wraps the heart,
‘Tis with the righteous well!

‘Tis well, ‘tis well,
‘Tis with the righteous well;
In pleasure’s light, and sorrow’s night,
‘Tis with the righteous well.

2 What words of holy comfort!
Their sweetness who can tell?
Within the vale, and o’er the flood,
‘Tis with the righteous well!

3 Tho’ dripping clouds may gather,
And grief the bosom swell,
The trusting heart will ever sing,—
‘Tis with the righteous well!

4 And when the strife is over,
And hushed the solemn knell,
Within the gates around the throne,
‘Tis with the righteous well!

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Blessy Christlin


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