1 Where the youthful son of Jesse
Touched the harp with silver strains,
While the peaceful flock he tended
Grazed upon the fertile plains—
Where he listened to the murmur
Of the brooklet, soft and low—
Came the blessèd infant Savior,
Many centuries long ago.

Clap your hands for joy, ye people,
Clap your hands for joy, ye people,
Clap your hands, clap your hands,
Hail the rising morn;
Shout hosanna, shout hosanna,
Clap your hands for joy,
Clap your hands for joy;
Shout hosanna, shout hosanna,
Shout hosanna for a Savior born.

2 All the world was locked in slumber,
Calm and still the dewy night;
Every star in shining armor
Keeping watch on lofty height;
Then a sudden burst of music!
Thro’ the air it rolled along;
Multitudes of shining angels
Woke the earth with heav’nly song.

3 Thro’ the line of distant ages,
Swifter than the march of time,
Like a river sweeping onward,
Comes the mighty strain sublime;
Great Immanuel, Prince and Savior!
Pure and spotless, undefiled,
In Thy birth, O King of Glory,
God to man is reconciled.

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Blessy Christlin


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