1 O may a strain, like gentle rain
On dry and thirsty land,
True feeling start within this heart,
Unfruitful as the sand;
To lift my eyes above the skies,
And raise my humble prayer;
May every doubt be put to rout,
And vanquished every fear.

2 My mind, tho’ bent, my thoughts intent,
On swiftly fleeting joys,
Still from my heart may now depart
This love for earthly toys;
Too much of life in anxious strife
Has run to waste with me;
In thoughts sublime, the rest of time
May I devote to Thee.

3 When comes my end, O Savior, send,
A message of sweet peace;
When I depart, O give my heart
Assurance and release;
Then may I bound from this low ground,
To tread the starry way,
And on my sight break holy light
In Heaven’s unclouded day.

4 Now, O my soul! let love control
Thro’ life thy every thought;
By faith still see the things that be,
Reserved for those He bought;
Live on in hope, in widest scope
Survey the realms above;
Nor draw aside, but firm abide
In faith, and hope, and love.

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Blessy Christlin


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