1 Jesus is born! hail to the morn!
Earth from her slumber is waking;
Jesus is born! welcome the morn!
Satan’s dominion is shaking;
Jesus is born! Jesus is born!
Fetters of darkness are breaking;
Thro’ the golden gates of day,
Jesus comes a king;
Hark to the music floating in air above us;
Sweet is the anthem heavenly angels sing:

Jesus is born! Jesus is born!
Glory to God in the highest!
Peace on earth, good will to men!
Let the echo ring.

2 Jesus is born! Heaven’s high dome
Covers the earth with its glory;
Jesus is come! open thy home!
Let His bright presence come o’er thee;
Jesus is come! Jesus is come!
Hasten and publish the story—
In the lowly Bethlehem,
Jesus comes a king;
Welcome the Savior; gather with joy around Him;
Join in the chorus heavenly angels sing

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Blessy Christlin


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